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Handheld games are closer to their big screen equivalents than ever

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The top Battle Royales on mobile

Handheld heaven 3 3DS and 2DS have a huge back-catalogue of fantastic Nintendo games, and they’re really cheap devices to pick up. 4 Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are more powerful than ever, off ering gaming experiences almost on par with consoles.

may not be running at 4K and they might not look as detailed, but play the likes of Wolfenstein II, Skyrim, FIFA 19, or Dark Souls on your Switch and you’ll fi nd they’re perfectly faithful renditions, many of them now playable on the move for the fi rst time.

Hands on The Switch is a pretty powerful piece of

kit, mind you, and it does have a price tag to match. If you aren’t ready to leap into something that serious, Nintendo continues to support its previous handheld, the 3DS, which off ers fantastic value for those looking to catch up on some of the best portable games in recent years. With over 1,000 titles and backwards support for the 1,500+ games released for the Nintendo DS, it has an enormous library to suit every need. If you’re looking for an even cheaper

solution – maybe you have younger kids who are just getting into gaming – the Nintendo 2DS may well be your best bet. Priced at a pleasingly aff ordable £79.99 new – and even cheaper pre-owned – and boasting a sturdy design that’ll stand up to plenty of bumps and bashes, the 2DS is a brilliant entry point for children,

or for adults who just want to enjoy some of Nintendo’s fi nest games for less. And if you don’t fancy committing to a

dedicated gaming handheld, don’t forget that you probably already have something that’ll let you play games on the move: your mobile phone or tablet. Whether you’re on Android or iOS, your smartphone is a gateway to a whole host of games, from simple puzzles, to sprawling adventures, to intense multiplayer shoot-outs. Some of the more detailed games may

only work on certain devices: generally speaking, the better a game looks the more powerful your phone or tablet will need to be to play it. If you reckon it’s time for an upgrade, don’t forget you can buy phones or tablets – and trade in your old ones – at GAME, where staff will be able to help you fi gure out which device will best suit. Whether you want

to go high-end with the Switch, go handheld on a budget with the 3DS and 2DS, or make use of your phone or tablet’s huge library of mobile games and ports, there’s no denying that portable gaming’s better than it’s ever been. As long as you’re packing one of these devices, the days of boring bus and train journeys are over.

Fortnite Battle Royale The unique mix of crafting and combat is just as engaging on mobile. Clever tweaks – such as pop-ups to tell you when you’re being shot at – help compensate for the smaller screen size.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Considering PUBG’s focus on accurate shots, it’s remarkable how well it translates to mouse-less mobile gaming. Some tasks are automated, to keep the action speedy.

Realm Royale With its fantasy setting and class-based character system, it’s a great change of pace from other Battle

Royales. Try your luck as a Warrior, Mage, Assassin, Engineer, or Hunter.


Just because you can get a Victory Royale while sitting on the toilet doesn’t mean you should

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