Legendary streamer Dr Disrespect reveals the secrets of his success


e’s the king of headshots, the prince of put-downs, and Twitch’s most irrepressible

anti-hero. Every day, hundreds of thousands of devoted fans log on to watch him do what he does best: dominate online. Love him or hate him, Dr

Disrespect is a streamer like no other – his combination of an unmistakable look, take-all comers attitude, and unwavering aim is impossible to ignore. So when we got the chance to grill him, there was no way we could pass it up – no matter how intense or, frankly, terrifying the interview might get…

What advice would you give for anyone hoping to achieve the kind of success you have as a streamer? When you smile, make sure they are seeing your teeth. If you have crooked teeth, then maybe wearing braces will help… but that depends on how much time you have before your seven viewers lose interest because they can’t stand your ugly-looking smile. Listen, I might have come off a little harsh there, but that’s the reality of it. It’s about putting on a show, but more importantly looking good doing it. If you fi nd yourself in fi rst place on the last lap in an extremely competitive online racing game, do you drive through the fi nish line backwards? The answer is yes. Always yes. Are you hearing what I’m saying here?

Er, we think we’re hearing you, yeah… What’s been your greatest achievement to date?

I can go on and on and on and on and on and on and on about all my achievements in the online gaming community. I really could, trust me. But I want to focus on how I’ve maintained such an incredible physique through it all. To sit in a hyper focused, slumped gaming position all day and still look like this is no easy task. To be this vascular and ripped while dominating these punk kids online is something special. I’m pretty special. I literally could have the number one selling book out there and there wouldn’t be any words typed inside. The cover would sell it. A picture of me surrounded by all my sponsors. That book would make me a lot of money.

Hey, we’d buy it. What’s the one thing that most annoys you when you’re gaming? Poor netcoding and high ping. D-sync. Unathletic player movement and game mechanics. A poorly executed post-launch content plan. Alphas. Betas. Cutscenes. Dark interiors. Voiceovers from 5’2” tall men. Dubstep music with wawawawa eff ects on game trailers. Sound design from the 1970s.

Where exactly did you earn your doctorate? I earned my doctorate from the high level, competitive online

videogaming community. I didn’t just go and study a few books either. I earned the degree. A good example of this is how a

Brazilian Jujitsu competitor has to earn a black belt. That individual has to go out and fi ght their way through the rankings, choke the competition


The Doc’s headset of choice is Turtle Beach’s Stealth 600. Get it in-store or online from GAME

Just one fi nal question: do you have anything to say to all your fellow gaming streamers? Nobody is on my level.

Our thanks to the good people at Turtle Beach for facilitating this interview – and for helping us escape with our lives afterwards.

out, and perfect certain techniques to advance in their respective discipline. That’s what I had to do. It takes a lot of discipline to be the best. I guess you can say I’m the perfect gaming technician.

Your hairstyle is nothing short of iconic, but have you ever considered trying a diff erent style? The bulletproof mullet – aka ‘The Black Steel That Drips Down My Back’ – is certainly a staple of mine. My wife Mrs Assassin has to wear gloves when she puts her hand through it for two reasons: one, so she doesn’t get cut, and two, so she doesn’t die. But I’ve never considered a diff erent hairstyle. What I have is everything anyone has ever wanted.

Er, of course, our apologies. How long did it take you to grow out your moustache? I literally have no idea what you’re talking about. But based on your skittish eyes staring at my upper lip, it looks like you’re referencing the Venomous Ethiopian Caterpillar. It’s all seasonal to be honest... almost like a delicate plumeria fl ower. It really depends on the air temperature, climate and the control I have of it, and how much food I’m consuming, given the fact that it consumes about 15% of whatever I take in. It has its own lifecycle but the roots are so deep I really can’t tell you if I’ll die before it does.

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