Format Switch Release date 20 September

One of the joys of a new Zelda title is that you never quite know how it’s going to look. The visuals might be realistic – at least, as realistic as an armoured dinosaur or a man- eating plant can be – or cartoonish. Or, in this case, a claymation style so pudgy you almost feel like you could leave a fingermark in it. Originally released for the Game

Boy, Link’s Awakening is held up as a classic, even by the standards of this consistently masterful series. It’s also a bit of an odd one – no Princess Zelda or Triforce, just Link stranded on an island of mountain-sized eggs, were-raccoons, and inexplicable cameos from Mario characters.

Super smush Nonetheless, the action very much

fits the established Zelda template of dungeons, puzzles, and smashable pots. A new mode lets you design your own dungeons, but the most important change is the new plasticine look, with its adorable little Link. Don’t you want to just pick him up and smush him?

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Limited Edition Game Boy steelbook 120-page art book Presentation box


Format PS4, XO, Switch, PC Release date 27 September

Not every game of football is played on a full-size professional pitch, with 11 players to a side – and the latest instalment of FIFA is reflecting that in its brand-new Volta mode. It’s essentially the return of FIFA Street, with smaller games and different rulesets, all stuffed inside of a regular FIFA. Games can be anywhere from

three- to five-a-side, with a choice of rules that ranges from professional futsal to the keeper-less Rush football. Environments vary too, so your kickabout might take place on Tokyo rooftops or an Amsterdam underpass, and the difference isn’t just cosmetic – balls can be pinged off the walls of your makeshift pitches, with tricks easier to access than in a standard match.

Top tekkers Not to be outdone, 11v11 is getting its

own overhaul, all around the concept of ‘football intelligence’. That means improved ball physics, more reactive AI, and new penalty and free kick systems, with the aim of making FIFA feel even more like real football – whether you’re playing it at Wembley or in a car park.

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Champions Edition Play the game 3 days early

Up to 12 rare gold packs for FUT

Special edition FUT kits

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Standard Edition Pre-order in store and get 25% extra trade-in credit*


Format Switch Release date 2019

We sometimes worry about Luigi. Not only does he have to live in the shadow of his more famous, respected, and good-looking brother, he’s also an outragous coward. It seems almost cruel, then, that Nintendo have once again set him to work busting ghosts. Worse still, Luigi’s Mansion 3 takes

place in what looks to be the largest and most spook-infested piece of real estate the series has ever hosted, with each stage taking the form of a single floor of a vast hotel. So, after clearing the phantoms and shades from a medieval rampart, you might jump in the elevator and step out into a Hollywood film set or a greenhouse overgrown with monstrous plants. You know, standard hotel design.

Goo become one And while Mario, Peach, and the rest

of the Mushroom Kingdom gang may be missing, Luigi isn’t facing this adventure alone. He’s joined by Gooigi, a doppelganger made out of lurid green goo that can squelch through tight spaces to solve puzzles and provide a player-controlled companion in co-op. Who needs Mario when you’ve got two Luigis?


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