Format PS4, XO, PC Release date 15 May 2020

San Francisco is in ruins, the Avengers are scattered, and people have lost faith in superheroes. Over the course of this new adventure from developers Crystal Dynamics, it’s up to you to put the gang back together – and kick some supervillainous butt. All the big hitters – Captain

America, Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, and Iron Man – are playable, boasting their full arsenal of iconic powers. There’s even co-op play, allowing you and up to three friends to have your own superhero team up.

Widow makers “Collaborating with Marvel is

awesome,” says creative director Shaun Escayg. “They gave us a lot of freedom. They’re there to support us, they challenge us all the time, they sent us references. They’ve been one of the most fun collaborators I’ve worked with, because they’re so passionate about their characters.” That authentic Marvel touch can be

seen in every swing of Mjolnir and ‘bong’ of Cap’s shield bouncing off a bad guy’s bonce. Time to assemble your most heroic pals for a whole new scale of superpowered action.

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Format XO, PC Release date 10 September

A lot is changing about Gears of War. For starters, the next game in the third-person shooter series has dropped the ‘of War’ and is simply called Gears 5. Admit it, you haven’t called it Gears of War for ages. Forget about the Fenix boys, too.

This time the story’s all about former Outsider Kait Diaz, whose discovery at the end of 2016’s Gears of War 4 that she’s part-Locust sets up this new journey. Expect huge narrative revelations in what Microsoft’s calling “the biggest Gears campaign ever.”

Dream team Then there’s the new co-op mode for

up to three online or local players. Escape challenges you to fight your way out of a maze-like Hive with your class-based characters before a deadly trail of venom catches up with you. Sort of like when a sibling chases you with a fart. Teamwork is essential, as you rely

on each other for resupplies, shields, and to stun the Swarm threat. It’s frantic work, with only the occasional safe room in which to save your progress. That means you don’t have to do the whole mission in one go, but you won’t top the leaderboards until you do...

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Format PS4, XO, PC Release date 25 October

Despite sharing a title, Modern Warfare isn’t a remake of 2007’s Call of Duty 4. Nor is it a sequel to 2011’s Modern Warfare 3. It’s a back-to-first-principles reimagining of what the series looks like, with a renewed focus on single-player. That’s right – after the multiplayer

jamboree of Black Ops 4, the campaign mode is not only back but getting the spotlight. The developers want to tell a more mature, nuanced, and authentic story, splitting the focus between Captain Price’s British special forces team and newcomer Farah Karim, who leads a group of rebel freedom fighters in the fictional country of Urzikstan.

Specs savers This doesn’t mean that multiplayer is

out, of course. While the co-op Zombies mode is sitting this one out, Spec Ops missions are returning in their place, alongside the traditional competitive multiplayer – all playable across platforms, so there’s no longer any PC/console divide. So, whichever part of COD is your favourite, Modern Warfare is shaping up to be the complete package.

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